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Video Production

Video Production

Do you need a video that communicates your brand? Or shares a testimonial? Perhaps you need to educate clients or customers on your product? Promote a product? We do all of that. 

Massive Value

Big Ups

Not to brag, but…we have a huge portfolio of big name clients like Gary v! (Yes, that’s our photo!) We provide massive value to our clients and we’ve been lucky enough to help some pretty great brands.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Services

 Our value doesn’t stop when we hit publish. Traditional video production companies stop with a beautiful video. We help you design and ad campaign and get 1,000s of eyes on it.

This is only a taste of what we’re capable of. We have drones! Check out more of our work here!


What they say about us?


Our Story

The Off Color Media team is committed to three things: High quality video, happy clients and results. At Off Color Media, we simply love what we do through every step of the video production process. We take that a step further by helping clients market their videos. 

Are you ready to tell your story and see massive ROI?

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