Event Video Production

Event Video Production in Fargo, ND

Every live event needs to be captured and remembered. This content is valuable to share with your audience to continue to promote the value that was offered at this live event but also to help promote for future events. Don’t leave your event coverage to choppy, grainy cell phone footage that leaves your viewers feeling sea sick.  Professional video production can take your event to the next level. 

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How many videographers will be at my event?

The short answer is two. We have what we call a primary shooter and a secondary shooter. We get two angles so we can tell your event’s story from two perspectives. We have partnerships with other video production companies and can have more videographers on site if requested.   

How much does event videography cost?

Off Color Media is committed to helping businesses reach their business objectives through video production and advertising. We can produce video content or create an advertising campaign for your event. The price would vary based on which option is selected. 

How long do I have videographers on site?

We stay with our clients through each step of the process. We meet with clients ahead of time to see what story they want to tell and what they want captured. We’re on site with you as long as you need us!

Where can I use the video? Is it mine?

You can use the video wherever you want – on your website, on your social media profiles or wherever makes you happy! Once the video is competed, it’s yours! 

What else do I need to know about  Off Color Event Videography?

One thing that you need to know about our video production process is that it doesn’t end with a branded video. We have expert marketers on staff who will place your video, build you an audience of new viewers and then show your stunning new video to that audience to increase your brand awareness and help you grow!

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